9.09 Holy Terror




Deep down I knew Kevin would die at some point but this totally caught me off guard. One, because it happened so suddenly that I did not realize what had happened until his body dropped to the ground. Two, because it happened in the bunker, which was supposedly the SAFEST PLACE ON EARTH. And THREE, it was SAM. FUCKING HELL. I mean, okay, not Sam entirely but JESUS, what’s up with that.

OKAY. So apparently we were right all along to not trust Zeke (who ever did, really?) Because Zeke is dead and the angel possessing Sam is not Ezekiel, obviously. I figured he wasn’t entirely truthful, but I did not think he was an entirely different angel. Turns out, his name is Gadreel, God’s most trusted angel, and who had the Garden of Eden duty when the whole Fall of Man happened. So God imprisoned him because he totally failed at that, and now Metatrons’ spell had freed him on Earth.

It seemed like he had really good intentions, wanting to heal Sam and help Dean. He was just very wary of the angels - Cass included - because he was a fugitive himself. Unfortunately for everyone, Metatron got to him first and had convinced him to join forces and rebuild heaven from scratch. And as a sign of his fidelity, Metatron had Gadreel kill the one person who has the ability to stop him - Kevin :((((

I’m thinking there is a way to reverse the spell after all. Why else would Metatron want to kill the only person who can translate his writings? If not a reversal, at the very least a way to stop him or prevent him from doing what he’s about to do. Although, isn’t there a line of prophets just waiting to take Kevin’s place? He bought himself some time, but sooner of later, the new prophet will come, translate the tablet, and find a way to kill Metatron or something to that effect.

Gadreel on the other hand, I’m still not sure of. Like, really? He’d settle for second in command? When the rest of the angels are killing each other to get the upper hand? I am sensing a double-cross in the near future. We don’t know what happened with the serpent all those millennia ago. Gadreel might be some Lucifer-level deluded or something.

Meanwhile, Cass got himself into quite a pickle. He prayed for a little guidance (in the most interesting ways), which got the angels on his ass. Malakai’s troupe (those opposing Batholomew and Buddy Boyle’s recruits), chained him up and tortured him for information on Metatron and his spell. He even got an innocent helpful angel, Muriel, killed. But Cass went a little evil himself, and swiped another angel’s grace. Damn, he can do that? Why did he wait so long? He’d come across a number of angels already. Hell, he coulda taken Hael’s back then and spared himself of the difficulties of being human.

SO YEAH, CASS GOT HIS MOJO BACK. I imagine he’d be working with Dean now to get Sam back.

Like, Sam IS coming back right? Of course he is lol. What exactly did Gadreel do to him? Maybe just push him down really, really deep. It would take another glint of the impala and a thirty-second silent montage of everything awesome about his life before he re-emerges. I gotta, say I was already feeling FINALLY! HELL YEAH! *FIST PUMP* when Dean told Sam to dump the angel. I was sooo ready for Sam to take Dean’s hand or something and just WILL Gadreel out of his head. But instead Sam punched Dean in the face to which I *GASPED* and teared up.

AND THEN AND THEN. I haven’t even recovered from what he did to Dean when he LIT KEVIN THE FUCK UP. NOT COOL GADREEL. YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT. DX

So we were left with Dean sobbing in a corner of the bunker and I wanted to give him a hug. u_____u I bet he did not expect the whole thing to blow up in his face LIKE THIS. He needs to find someone else to work with - Cass and Crowley for starters - to fix everything.

What does this mean though? Sam is going to be MIA for much of the rest of the season? How long before they boot Gadreel out of Sam’s body? (Side note: whenever Jared has to go from Angel to Sam in mid-sentence, his hands go to the back of his neck. It’s a cute little tell :P) I need Sam back as soon as possible. I don’t really like it when the brothers work apart, more so when one of them is NOT EVEN IN THE EPISODE (*cough* In the Beginning *cough*) and physically does not count.

And I hate that I have to wait until next year to understand where all this is going. Are they even going to try to resurrect Kevin? They really should. They found ways to get Bobby back into the plot. Although, maybe not take the ghost route this time? But yeah, mourning period. Keviiiiiinnnn T______T

It’s getting more and more difficult to maintain this blog. DX

3.10 Good Night

Well. Shit.

They’re sure not taking their time with this Op - the writers I mean. Last week they breezed through Brody’s recovery from heroin addiction. Now this week they dragged Brody across the Iranian border and by the end of the episode, Javadi was already pointing a gun to his head. About time they picked up the pace.

The road to the Iranian border was pretty rocky though. Quite literally too. First this random truck forced them to go with the alternate route. Then a couple of Iraqi officers spotted them and started asking questions. Of course they had no choice but to terminate them because Brody’s face is recognizable nowadays. Brody had a little stage fright right there, good thing someone had reminded him that they were all pants-shittingly scared but that’s the job and that’s the job they have to do.

And then, when he was being driven to the border, their truck hit a land mine or something and they pretty much blew up. Miraculously though, no one died and Brody had to drag his driver away from the wreckage because the explosion caught the attention of the rest of the Iraqi patrol. The rest of the team hauled ass to get to Brody and the people back on US soil pulled the plug, ordering the Ops Team to abort the mission.

Brody, being the stubborn ass that he is, refused to go back and practically ran into a sci-fi looking war zone with green lasers and everything. Not even Carrie could talk him out of his suicide mission. (Hey Claire Danes was great here. It’s not easy to do that with no one to play off of) One of the other team members ran after him but before they could really do anything, floodlights blinded all of us. Uh-oh.

At this point, Saul already left the room, heartbroken that all his hard work over the past few months blew up in his face. His lucky gum did not help him this time around. But little did he know that the people who caught Brody and company were actually the Iranians! :O They made it across the border after all! Brody gave him his cover story about being the Langley bomber and seeking asylum in Iran. The Iranians apprehended them and waited for further instructions.

Carrie and the rest of the CIA are blind and deaf to the still alive operation though. They lost their eyes and ears and have no real way of communicating with their assets. More than that, they have no extraction plan for them. Which brings Fara back to the picture: Carrie out of nowhere asked her to arrange a safe house in Iran. In other words, talk to his uncle and ask him to risk his life and harbor a couple of fugitives. Fara, who had a hard time with letting Javadi go after he killed two people. Fara, who called in sick because she couldn’t deal with how the CIA went about some of its business. But she’s an American and Carrie made a convincing case and she found herself not really agreeing but not really refusing either.

Meanwhile, Javadi welcomed Brody with a gun to his head. He made to take Brody to the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard but not before killing Brody’s friend. Brody was upset by that and wisely calmed down. He still had a mission to finish. Not sure if Javadi can be trusted at this point. The CIA needs him to climb up the ladder and as has been evidenced by the events in this episode, the agency is willing to sacrifice almost anything to get him there. So if Javadi kills Brody in Iran, I doubt the CIA would expose his embezzling ways. Carrie might, but she’d be the only one and the agency can always play the Insanity card.

So Carrie and Saul and Dar are happy in Langley, their asset still in play. Brody is not so happy in Iran because he’s about to kill a very powerful man and somehow get away with it. Quinn I have no idea because he did very little. Come on, he’s upped to regular status but is somehow doing less vs last season. He knows about Carrie’s pregnancy (to which she said Brody wasn’t the father and I don’t really believe her), and was super cute with how he wanted to apologize about the whole sniping her at the shoulder. He smiled when they confirmed Brody was in Iranian custody and also vouched for Carrie when she attempted to talk Brody out of running though gunfire. But right now, he’s in the sidelines. Why wasn’t he part of the Op anyway? I hope they have better things in store for him. He’s, like, the best part of the show for me. XD

Two episodes to go. Will Brody survive this? Will Carrie clear his name? Will Dana go back to being a Brody? I like the direction the show had taken. So for those that jumped ship after the first four episodes are missing out on some genuinely entertaining stuff. Their loss.

3.09 Save Henry

Eh? Seriously? I… don’t get it… If Pan can do that - switch bodies with Henry - then why did he go through all that trouble of getting him to Neverland and wasting all of our time with the mind games? He had Henry all to himself but he insisted on doing the switcheroo at the last minute? O____o

This show, I am THIS close to dropping it. If anything, it’s Hook that’s keeping me around. I like his guyliner. XD

Also, apparently the bodies come with the accent. :)) Think they considered keeping Pan’s accent when he talked to his right-hand boy (I’m sorry, whatshisname) but then discovered Jared S. Gilmore can’t do it so they just chalked it up to more ‘magic?’ lol

In all fairness, a lot happened this episode. A lot of mind-numbingly stupid moments but still, pretty eventful. I fully expected them to drag the Save Henry thing til the mid-season finale but apparently, they have other plans for then. This week also featured a LOT of the supporting cast. The guest cast’s names kept flashing for about three minutes before they moved on to the crew. XD They each only had a handful of lines and Giancarlo Esposito did not even show up on screen but he’s doing Revolution so there.

Regina carried this episode IMO. I’ve always been on her side when it came to being Henry’s Mother because yes, she raised him, she changed his diapers, and for ten years, she alone took care of him. Emma and the Charmings only have biology on their side and like I’ve said before, none of them know how to be responsible parents. I mean look, Emma and Charming were fully intending to stay in Neverland and abandon Emma again and Emma was somehow kind of okay with it.

Here we saw how Regina longed for something - or someone - to fill that void in her life that her father had left. And Rumple, being the sneaky bastard that he is, managed to get the son of the Savior to be Regina’s kid, which kickstarted the whole breaking-of-the-curse thing. And despite learning Henry’s genealogy, Regina still opted to keep him (after a momentary backing-out) because she had already fallen in love with the child. So yes, fully on Regina’s side with this. She was absolutely right when she explained to Emma that she had her parents and Neal (aka, ‘this person’ lol) while she only had Henry. So stop trying to take him away from her, she’s just as much a mother (if not more) as Emma.

What I did not fully understand (among other things) was the potion. What exactly did it do to her? She remembers the curse and her real identity. Did she only forget the ‘problems,’ the sad moments in her life? And when did it wear off, if it ever did? :| And okay, I accept that Regina can cross the town line because she cast the curse but didn’t she cloak Storybrooke when Owen left? Aren’t adoption agencies supposed to vet aspiring parents? They didn’t discover that the town she was mayor-ing is… well, non-existent, I think?

The answer to all these questions is MAGIC. Let’s just leave it at that. XD

So anyway, Regina saved the day by simply ripping Henry’s heart out of Pan’s chest and giving it back to Henry. Neal opened Pandora’s Box to free Rumple and they hug and forgive and shit. Just as they were about to leave Neverland, Pan once again showed up to take Henry’s heart back but Regina already magicked Henry so Pan… took Henry’s shadow instead? Whatever. The point is Rumple sucked Pan into Pandora’s Box but Pan switched bodies so now it’s Henry who’s stuck in the Box and isn’t all this hilarious? XDXD

Add to that the fact that Regina can apparently trap Pan’s Shadow and turn him into a mast, which sort of invalidates Emma, Neal, and Hook’s efforts to trap it in a coconut because MAGIC. So now they’re all (Wendy +  Pan + The Lost Boys) flying back to Storybrooke where Pan will surely wreak some havoc. At least we get to see daylight again. The perpetual nighttime in Neverland was getting tiresome. As is most things with this show. :))

9.10 The Caller

GASP! Reid just shot an unsub dead! :O And he was so matter-of-fact about it too. Remember when Gideon had to comfort him after he killed the LDSK way back in season one? Naive Reid is naive no more.

This week had the team investigating a child abduction - Tom Scavo Malcolm Taffert and Lida Taffert’s son. Cases involving children are not my favorite. It’s a little too horrific for me despite the fact that the whole thing is fictional. (I’m telling you, I’m a lot more traumatized/scared by crime procedurals than paranormal/horror series because it can very well happen in real life) So I guess I should be grateful they kept the discovery of the body at a distance. I almost did not want to believe it myself because IT’S ALL TOO SAD.

Instead, the focus was more on the parents and how they handled the situation. I remember in that other heartbreaking episode where the unsub turned out to be the little boy’s older sociopathic brother, Prentiss pointed out that parents of murdered children tend to drift apart, fight, blame each other/themselves. And that’s exactly what happened to the Tafferts. Of course they held each other’s hands and cried on each other’s shoulders immediately after they found Andy, but soon enough, they were yelling at each other. So much so that Lida had to get away from Malcolm then promptly got abducted herself.

Due to this development, the team figured that the unsub’s target is actually the parents. More specifically, the father. Torturing the father is the unsub’s end game here, as a sort of payback to the atrocious ways his father fucked him up when he was a child. And taking away his son and wife is the worst kind of torture there is. The taunting phone calls also made things worse for everyone. Hell, his first victim committed himself to a psych ward and the phone calls followed him there.  >_<

The unsub’s preference in couples made it easier for the team to identify him and find his house. That’s where they found Lida - thankfully alive - and where Blake obliviously went through the unsub’s videos while the unsub stood behind her with a gun. Then magically, Reid appeared out of nowhere and shot him first. Turns out there were secret passageways in the house and because Reid is curious and walked through them, he managed to save a colleague’s life.

In the end, Hotch and Rossi brought the Tafferts back to their home. Seeing them sit there and stare at nothing was more heartbreaking than Malcolm breaking down in the woods. I mean, how do you recover from something like this? u____u Then the phone rings and come on, that’s like an ending of a horror film and took a little away from the melancholy of the last scene. But the image alone was very, very sad. :(

So maybe we can take a break from children? Like, a decade-long break? It was emotionally draining, this episode. Not like CM episodes are light, cheerful stories, but maybe not this dark? Lol, who am I kidding.

5.10 The Frozen Lake


LIEK <//////3

I went from last week’s YAY! to Okay, what happened? to Gasp, she slapped him :OOO to Come onnn Kensi to Yay Kensi! to WTF?? But he’s ALMOST THERE! to FUCK THIS, ALSO, LANDSLIDE T_____T

They gave us hope only to take it all away before the episode ended. *sadface* Deeks looked like a kicked puppy in the end there didn’t he? u____u I knew Hetty and Granger were not fans of office relationships but daaaaaamn. They had to physically take her away? This White Ghost op seems like a gigantic deal, that part I get, but the epic TIMING. If Daniela Ruah weren’t pregnant, you think they’d go this route? They probably would because they like torturing their fans. XD

I’m not even going to attempt to explain this week’s case because I paid very little attention to it. I just know there was a thumb drive, beheaded corpses (>___<), and Pakistan/India conflicts. Oh, also, this totally badass street fight in an alley where LL Cool J got to do a lot of cool stunts and Chris O’Donnell got a gun knocked out of his hand. XD The way Sam took him down though with his hands. Very cool.

But yeah, this was all Deeks and Kensi. Things had gotten super awkward at work with neither of them really knowing how to act with ‘this thing’ between them. The team of course immediately noticed because Kensi wore the same shirt. lol Then during a tactical op, Deeks pushed Kensi out of the way of some bullets but she somehow still ended up with a gun to her head. Deeks chickened out of shooting the bad guy in the head, letting him go, and letting Kensi slap him hard in the face. Clearly, ‘this thing’ is messing with their dynamic at work, which is so not safe for either of them.

So now Kensi is double thinking things and talking about frozen lakes while Deeks is determined to fix the situation with the runaway bad guys. But the undercover lawyer plan Deeks had quickly went south and now it’s Kensi to the rescue. Deeks was once again faced with the situation of taking a difficult shot and this time, he took it. With his left hand. Inches from Kensi’s head. XD He’s gotten it down now, he knows how to make this work.

He just has to wait for Kensi and look! Look at this! Kensi is actually willing to try to make ‘this thing’ work for them! :DDD She asks him to be patient with her and they make plans for that night and I’m all happy ang shit until Granger ruined everything. :(( Then Deeks texts Kensi ‘I’m almost there’ and my heart broke a little more. Kensi leaves before Deeks gets back and Hetty has to break the news to him. Then Landslide started playing and ARGH.

ARGH. <////3

9.08 Rock and a Hard Place

Dammit, Dean was THIS close to telling Sam about his angel condom status! Dean was about to go all honest on Sam! Zeke obviously has plans of his own right now. I doubt he’s even healing Sam. He has enough powers to bring someone dead to life - TWICE, but he doesn’t have enough power to heal Sam’s body post Trials. I mean, is he worse than DEAD in there? Things are about to get hella complicated, that’s for sure.

But first, another case. This time with Sheriff Mills! Hey, welcome back! I thought she’d severed ties with the boys due to the botched date with Crowley but she’s cool so they’re still friends. :D Strange disappearances prompted her to pay the boys a phone call. Oh also, there were upturned cars and people on fire. A little bit more than strange.

Victimology led them to a Church so I already started chuckling because Dean and religion is always hilarious. :)) Better, Sam and Dean actually joined a chastity group! loooool They even signed their real names and everything. Apparently they’re not FBI’s Most Wanted anymore because they can go around dropping their real names? But hey, the people in that town don’t even know a former porn star is leading the chastity group so there.

Side note: Dean talking about sex. To how the group reacted: yes.

Yeah. While Sam is making conversation with Tammy, the hardcore virgin, and Bonnie, the uptight group member, Dean chats with counselor Suzie and somehow walks her to her place. There was a moment where Dean totally thought they were going to have sex and started lighting candles only to realize that Suzie was genuinely worried about their other members going missing. Dean offered a comforting shoulder instead then Suzie started handing him books (plural) on chastity. XD

That’s when he found Suzie’s secret stash of porn - in which she was the star. Lol, Dean’s face. He immediately called Sam to tell him about his discovery but didn’t quite finish. I imagine it had always been Dean’s dream to have sex with an actual porn star. So cross that off the bucket list. We never really saw anything - not even the part where they take their clothes off but okay. As soon as Dean opened the door to leave though, they get knocked out by a blue light.

Lucky for him, Sam knows his brother well. He was doing research with Sheriff Mills (who figured out they were hunting another one of those pagan gods), but when he noticed Dean has been gone for a good while, he got jealous worried. Add to that the fact that this pagan god takes people who break their chastity vows and Sam was pulling his coat on and going after Dean.

Suzie and Dean found themselves in an underground dungeon with most of the missing people. One of them turned out to be a selfish bastard who was willing to sacrifice an injured young woman to save himself. Good thing Dean was there to knock some sense into the guy. Meanwhile, Sam and Sheriff Mills needed the blood of a virgin to forge this week’s weapon. Sam hilariously offered his, to which Sheriff Mills hilariously responded needing the ‘real thing.’ XD So Tammy, the hardcore virgin’s blood it is. Sheriff Mills impatiently punched her in the face to get the blood and I laughed at Tammy’s ‘What the fudge lady?!’

Unsurprisingly, it was Bonnie who was secretly the pagan god. She knocked Sam out, strapped Sheriff Mills to a table and stabbed her in the shoulder. DD: Sam got another one of those ‘what are you?’ questions from the bad guy before Sheriff Mills got all badass and pulled the piece of wood from her shoulder and stabbed the bitch to death.

Whew, good thing Sheriff Mills survived - again. Every time she’s on screen, I fear for her life. My default state for any character on this show, honestly. XD And, she remained friends with the boys, hee :)

Sam is already thinking he’s not entirely fine, which forced Dean to finally come clean but stupid Zeke would not let him. XP See, he’s gotten dozens of opportunities to just tell Sam and he didn’t take them (or wasn’t allowed to). So when this whole thing is finally out in the open, it would make it a hundred times worse that Dean lied about it to his brother’s face. :( This will all come to a head soon (mid-season finale, yes?) and I am excited-slash-anxious.

3.09 One Last Time

Woah. For all the dragging Homeland did in its first four episodes, I suddenly got whiplash for this week’s pacing. There was even a Sixteen Days Later and everything! By the end of the episode, Brody was leaving American soil again and the preview for the next one already has him engaged in a pretty eventful encounter with the locals.

But let’s rewind for a bit. We last saw Saul in Caracas, picking up a herion-laden Brody. They’re both back in the US where Brody is going through withdrawals cold turkey, and Saul is urging the Ops team to get Brody clean and healthy for his ‘play.’ Not the easiest task since Brody is a violent patient, where three big guys need to hold him down and keep him from hurting himself. At one point, when Brody was given a nasty drug that causes creepy-ass hallucinations, he broke apart a wooden chair and cut his own arm with it. D: (Surprise appearance by Abu Nazir right there) When they dropped him in the water, he made no effort to keep himself from dying - very telling since he had to overcome his body’s physical and primitive survival instincts.

This compelled Saul to pull out his secret weapon: Carrie. Despite Lockhart’s taunts at Saul being untrustworthy, Carrie still went along with Saul’s plan. Mostly because it’s Brody, partly because the plan is insane enough to maybe actually work. But Brody is in a deep hole and is not willing to climb out so this forces Carrie to pull out her secret weapon: Dana. Just like when Brody chickened out of the vest, it’s Dana that brought Brody back to his senses. Seeing his daughter for the first time since the bombing cleared Brody’s head enough to listen to Saul and Carrie’s offer for ‘redemption.’

So Brody had nothing to do with the bombing, he’s very insistent about that. Dana doesn’t believe him, Saul kind of does, and Carrie wholeheartedly does. She uses that to convince Brody to work with them and clear his name. The plan is to approach the Iranian Revolutionary Guard where they assume Brody will be accepted as some kind of war hero for bombing the CIA. There he will get close enough to the head honcho… and take him out. Javadi is next in line and boom. The CIA has control of one of their oldest enemies. The plan could end right there because obviously it’s a suicide mission and there’s very little chance Brody will get out of Iran but they come up with an extraction plan anyway.

Brody gets into shape while Saul buys them a little more time. Because in a week’s time Lockhart will be confirmed as CIA Director and no way in hell is he going to let this operation see the light of day. And there’s no way Brody will be ready in a week’s time so Saul needed something to delay Lockhart’s ascend to the throne. Conveniently enough, Mira’s not-stalker ex-boyfriend turned out to be an Israeli intelligence officer who bugged Saul’s house under Lockhart’s orders. Virgil and Max discover this while the two met up in a not-so-secret location and voila! Saul has his leverage to hold off Lockhart for the time being.

So there. Brody and the team are off to Iran to pull off a very ambitious plan. Carrie never told Brody she was pregnant with his child (and apparently no one else knows except for her doctor). But right before he left, Brody hinted that he still cares about Carrie, like, a lot. What are the chances Brody will get out of this in one piece? I say very slim.

5.06 Ice Breaker

Annet Mahendru! Richard Thomas last week, this week Annet Mahendru! Who’s next on The Americans cast? Is Noah Emmerich returning? XD (I hope not though. I hated his character XP)

This week’s case both had Peter and Neal going undercover as a sports agent and a figure skating coach. Guess which one did which. :)) Being a fake sports agent required quick wits and charm so Neal had to do that. This left Peter - the baseball loving, hockey-playing FBI agent - to take the figure skating coach duty. lol

The plan was to get into the base of a fake passport operations by posing as a pair of experts who can launch the figure skating career of the head honcho’s girlfriend, Katya. Neal could have just as easily snuck into the offices with a simple distraction and get what they needed but Katya wanted an out and dammit, Peter was giving her one.

All she had to do was pretend to accept a marriage proposal to trigger a celebration where all the bad guys would gather and get arrested in one fell swoop. She almost did not get her happy ending but she had nasty fork-stabbing skills and managed to save her own skin. While Neal needed Jones to get an angry Russian guy off him. lol

Meanwhile, Neal and Mozzie were hard at work on deciphering what the hell Hagen had them steal. But for all of Mozzie’s resourcefulness, he had hit a dead end. So they recruit an expert: welcome back Bridget Regan! I like her. She called Neal out on being the last person she’d encountered before she lost her key card. She also called their bullshit with the whole Chapter 13 business. She’s a smart girl but also intuitive.

What does this mean though - what exactly did Neal steal? Also, do you think Neal somehow got a hold of a fake passport? Well, Peter is onto him and following his actions even without the anklet so good luck Neal. And, Warren Kole’s face is officially on the White Collar division wall. :D

9.09 Strange Fruit

Rossi needs a hug after that episode. u_____u The things they reveal during interrogations, right? They’re so determined and committed to getting to the truth that they’re willing to talk about something painful or admit something they’ve never spoken about to anyone else.

Taking a page out of Bones, the BAU plus their Unit Chief (JJ offhandedly commented that people think they’re having an affair so yay, they’re not!) are sent to investigate why there are skeletons (yes plural) buried in a family’s backyard. The son, Lyle, started running the second he discovered the FBI had set up camp behind his house. But trapped between a rabid dog and Hotch with a gun, he had no choice but come peacefully with them.

It was soon obvious that the mother (Lost’s Rose! :D) had nothing to do with anything. Lyle was increasingly becoming more suspicious, and also more frustrating to interrogate. That’s another thing these people have mastered over the years - patience. Because despite Lyle’s stubbornness, as soon as JJ showed him a picture of Mary Ann Beck, his whole demeanor changed. It didn’t take long for him to break and hastily admit to the murders.

Of course his sudden admission only convinced the team that he was, in fact, innocent. I was annoyed by his ‘Sir’ in the beginning but I was quickly saddened by how he broke he down in tears over Mary Ann Beck. :( He was protecting someone else, that much was certain. And that someone was his father, Charles. Now the team just have to work him to get a confession out of him.

And that lucky person is our resident Italian from Long Island, Rossi. Both Charles and Lyle showed some anger management issues so Rossi just had to push the right buttons to get a reaction out of him. As more skeletons were discovered and more information came to light, it became apparent that this was an issue of racism. Charles was a victim of a very unfortunate hate crime from 35 years ago and he’s exacting his revenge on those people and their loved ones.

He still won’t admit to it though so Rossi resorted to revealing something from his younger years: how he stuffed a black schoolmate in a locker.. and peed on him. :( He was pressured by some of his other bigger friends and he did it out of self-preservation but still, he was ashamed of it. So much so that he apologized to Morgan after cleaning himself up from the cup of water Charles chucked at his head.

In the end it was Charles love for his son that urged him to come clean and help find the other bodies. After all that hate, it was still fatherly love that compelled him to tell the truth. He wanted to save his son from the rage that consumed him all these years and at least he gave him that. Closure for everybody.

Now, can someone hug Rossi and tell him it’s okay? He has no one to go home to at the moment :(

5.09 Recovery


Seriously you guyssss. :DDD I thought the episode was going to end when Deeks and Kensi went out to get ‘tacos’ and I was ready to see Executive Producer Shane Brennan but then like an infomercial, BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! I held my breath when I saw the fancy restaurant, and then I saw them, and then I saw Deeks in a dress shirt and then I skipped exhaling and went straight to squeeing. :))

Deeks did his roundabout way of saying things and Kensi called him out on it. And then Deeks said ‘I don’t want to be here with you right now’ and I went DDD: then Deeks said ‘I want to be at my place right now… with you’ and then I went :DDD and then Kensi had this look, stood up, and left and I went :OOO And THEN Executive Producer Shane Brennan flashed. OMG. Is this because Daniela Ruah is pregnant? But I thought they weren’t going down that road with Deeks and Kensi? IDK anymore but this is exciting! After the torture situation last season finale threw cold water on the Deeks/Kensi thing, this is certainly a very welcome development. :Db

Meanwhile, Callen was thinking about getting a tattoo. I laughed myself. I mean, it’s not like Callen is too vanilla - he’s on the Special Ops team of the NCIS for crying out loud. I just don’t see him pulling off a tattoo. Maybe it’s the Chris O’Donnell more than the G Callen if that makes sense lol.

Anyway, the team gets called in for the suspicious death of a recovering addict that was a Navy officer. So off to the rehab center. Where Cory Matthews’ dad is running things. XD Wow, William Russ. It’s been a long time. I just can’t see him as anything other than a father figure so I was relieved he wasn’t the bad guy.

Kensi went undercover as a nutritionist (after she explained to Hetty that Deeks cannot possibly pull it off because he eats pop tarts for breakfast lol) and Deeks went as a *drum roll* sex addict. HAHAHA. Okay, I though it was hilarious but then Deeks explained how it’s not as funny as everyone thinks it is and I felt a little guilt. :| Sam and Callen followed up with a woman from the tampered surveillance footage. After she and her purple streaked-hair stupidly climbed over the roof railings, Sam had to once again demonstrate his ridiculous upper body strength by pulling her back to safety (remember how he just hauled Callen out the subway tracks last episode?) That’s why it’s okay for Sam to have tattoos. XD

Turns out a therapist at the rehab center realized one of her patients is privy to US drone technology operations. And she used that information to attempt blowing up a part of Pakistan by hijacking one of the drones. (Last Resort blew up Pakistan too. Just saying.) The team arrived just in time to abort the launch because of the lady’s choice of candy. Of all things.

Can I just say how I laughed out loud at how they stopped her? I’m all for suspense and moments of intense pressure but come on. All Sam had to do was drag the cursor to and click Abort Launch. I imagine real drone operation is a lot more complicated than that because they train people to do those things. (And also, I remember Warren Kole’s episode and he did just that and he was sweating bullets after. They did that then, they could have done the same now) I swear for two seconds they even used slow-motion when Sam moved the cursor. XD

So they once again stopped an international incident. WTG Team! That team includes a guy with an Albert Einstein tattoo! lol

But the important thing is DEEKS AND KENSI. This will certainly change how the team members interact with each other (of course depending on who would know about it, but let’s face, they would all know without anyone ever saying anything because they’re all gossipy perceptive like that) How do you think every one else will react? We know Hetty and Granger are not fans. But everyone else? Will they say ‘About time’ or ‘It won’t last’ or something else? I feel like Sam will say ‘I don’t care’ because that’s his default reaction to anything concerning Deeks. lol